Attention USAC-MTB racers:  The subject of class upgrades  comes up quite often hopefully the following will help clear up some of the mis-conceptions.  

*First, we will, as always be following the USAC-MTB RULES when it comes to move up situations, simply stated riders must advance to the next skill level if they have five top five finishes in their current class, provided the race consisted of the minimum number of competitors in each class (see table below).  Also USAC-MTB requires that a rider obtain a wavier which will allow the rider to finish a series in the original category, I (the race director) have obtained this permission directly from USAC-MTB, which covers all riders, so there is no need for each rider to apply.   In other words if the rider is eligible for a class at the start of a series then they can finish the series in that class.

Age group                               Men                             Women

19-29                                       15                                  10

30-39                                       15                                   10

40-49                                       10                                   5

50+                                          5                                     5

*Second, it is the riders responsibility to keep track of their status and if a rider is found in violation of the class advancement rule then they will be subject to the consequences, which will at the very least mean instant advancement and or disqualification and loss of series points and may even result in suspension from the series and or suspension of the riders USAC-MTB license.  

*Third, If someone has good basis to believe that there is a rider in violation please research the rider in question by first checking the USAC-MTB RESULTS web page or our results page here on this site and see if your suspicions are true, then contact us here at Gone Riding and we will look into the matter and take action if necessary.

*Fourth, the only way a rider can downgrade to a lower class is by writing USAC-MTB directly and requesting and receiving this permission.