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Q: Do I need to be a club member or hold a racing license?

A: Yes, all racers in USAC-MTB (USA Cycling Mountain Bike Events) events need to be a USAC-MTB member, either as an annual member ($60 annual adult license, $30 Junior license) or as a one day temporary member for $5 (expert racers must have an annual license).


Q: Do I need to qualify in order to race?

A: At all Gone Riding events no qualifying is required, even in series events.


Q: What class should I race in?

A: Normally in cross country events the classes are broken down into age, gender and skill levels, the three main skill levels are base, sport and expert.  Simply take your age, gender and skill level into account and there should be a class just right for you.  At some events a novice class is offered which is an entry level class below the base class and it is not gender oriented. 


Q: How difficult are the courses?

A: Each course has it's own character and levels of difficulty but in general we try to lay out our race courses with a wide variety of riders in mind and in some cases we will implement two different layouts, one for the base riders (white wave) and one for the advanced riders (yellow wave).

Q: What distance is the race?  

A: Normally base level riders will do between 9 and 12 miles or about one hour, sport level riders will do between 15 and 18 miles or about one hour fifteen minutes to one hour thirty minutes, while experts do between 24 miles and 30 miles or about one hour fifty minutes to two hours thirty minutes or more.


Q: How can I get more information?

A: Most information can be found on the race flier, when the fliers are available they will be posted on the "events" page of our website, if your answers are still not being addressed don't hesitate to call us directly at 352.873.9279.  Office hours are Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 5pm.


Q: How can I enter a race?

A: Normally there are three ways to enter, first, mail in an entry form (available on the race flier), second, enter online (click on the "register now" icon on the "events" page of our website) or third, register at the event (be aware a late fee may apply).


Q: What are the USAC-MTB rules?

A: click here


Q: When should I move up to another class?

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