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FLE series

2017 Florida Endurance series (FLE)

altalt* Note: we do not have compete information for some of the riders listed in these standings and therefore they may be changes made once we can confirm the riders correct class and age. If you see that you are listed in the wrong class please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it thanks!

January 29th - 6 Hours of El Lagarto- Lakeland, Fl

February 18th - 12 Hours of Santos - Ocala, Fl

March 26th - Amelia 30 / 60 Mile - Hialeah, Fl


Series Basics:

Classes & Awards for overall series:

Enter each event like normal, points standings will be posted on this webpage.


FLE-1/2/3/ 45+ - Three deep overall series finish, first receives champion jersey & trophy, second and third receive trophies. Based on 6 hour times.

3 Hour - Three deep overall series finish, all plaques.


*FLE - Men Cat 1 / Cat 2 / Cat 3

*FLE - 45+ Men (no cat 1's)

*FLE - Women Cat 1 / Cat 2 / Cat 3

*FLE - 45+ Women (no cat 1's, 60+ exempt)

**3 Hour Men (all ages & skills)

**3 Hour Women (all ages & skills)

*If less than 5 racers after two rounds categories may be combined.

**Where available.


Note: No 3 hour class at first round El Lagarto and only "red" trail solo classes count towards 6 Hour points.

6 race series for 6 hour level, 5 race series for 3 hour level, one drop race in series excluding the final, final race breaks any ties.

Series points based on 6 hour level of racing with a 5 point bonus for 12 hour or 100 mile class event, the 3 hour races are a separate support level class, male and female.

Points system is the same as the FSC, 30 for 1st, 29 for 2nd, 28 for 3rd and so on, down to 30th place.

To be elegible for overall awards racers must compete in at least 5 events.

Amelia 30/60 will be awarded points as if it was a 3 hour / 6 hour.

Hammer Head will be awarded points for 25 mile as a 3 hour and the 50 mile as a 6 hour, with a 5point bonus for the 100 mile.

*THE 2017 Florida Endurance series is a Gone Riding, Corp. Race Production.